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Home grown, Soft wool, Solar dyed, in SEAWATER!


Been an incredible summer for SOLAR dye, not so great for growing grass.  Drought here.  Never in almost 30 years of farming at this top of the watershed have I seen the pastures burn out and needed to feed the sheep in August.

Rebuilt two vats this summer, ergonomic for my aging body, and am happy to report that they are pouring out colors deeper and more saturated than ever, though I still have plenty of the weatherbeaten watercolors you have all come to know and love.

Rather than whining about buying hay, and begging for assistance, I am hoping you all will consider buying LOCALly grown wool, and I am hoping to make it easier than ever!  The new e-commerce site at getwool is up and running, and I have added two shows in BOSTON.

Will be at Boston Local Foods this weekend on the Greenway with all my farm grown woolies, and Boston Made and Friends Pop-up at the Boston Design Center with Blankets on October 5&6.

PLEASE COME!  And if you visit the site for yarns, please let me know what colors you would like me to dye for you!  Still have a month of solar dye left, and I aim to please.  CHEERS!


Coming to Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival! Are you?

Home grown, Soft wool, Solar dyed, in SEAWATER!
Home grown, Soft wool, Solar dyed, in SEAWATER!

Less of a luddite???

Okay folks…  I am working on simultaneously posting to all the pages from my website blog.   Please give me feedback if this is SO obnoxious that you all hate me.  Boohoo.  If so, will change it back…  but would love for you to get to know the site!  And I need to get smarter…  like my dogs;~)

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