Written by Nanne


WW05-_3464We’re getting excited about our Late May Retreat called I DREAM OF FINISHING. Sure hope you can come. Will include lots of Full Fashion assembly, Finishing touches with crochet techniques, Massage to keep your hands in tip top shape, custom spinning to your specs, and yarn sales at retreat prices, all in lakeside comfort while lambs are dropping on the nearby pasture. SPREAD THE WORD! Bring a friend;~)

My little bit of ‘Florida’,

will fire the sauna tonight and thumb my nose at winter.

Warmest November Coming to a Close

Hard to believe that this has been one of the warmest Novembers in quite some time—- when you look out the window and view the surrounds.

Pups playing in the snow but the sheep closer to the barn as the grazing opportunities have seemed to disappear………… for now!