Less of a luddite???

Okay folks…  I am working on simultaneously posting to all the pages from my website blog.   Please give me feedback if this is SO obnoxious that you all hate me.  Boohoo.  If so, will change it back…  but would love for you to get to know the site!  And I need to get smarter…  like my dogs;~)

Emma protecting new baby


  • Lindy Barnes on Jul 05, 2014 Reply

    Your yarns/colors are gorgeous. 😀 I have knitting plans with them and am also planning to do a bit of weaving with them.

    • Lindy Barnes on Jul 24, 2014 Reply

      I recently bought two gorgeous skeins of yarn from Nanne and have just now ordered five more skeins. Her yarn and colors are exquisite. Her service is friendly and delightful. I look forward to the day when I can meet Nanne in person.

      It’s not local to northern Michigan and I’m involved in the local Fibershed group. BUT . . . this is some of the nicest and most sustainable yarn I have ever used and I am just about to order another 2 skeins.

  • Nanne on Dec 08, 2014 Reply

    Also have one ply weaving yarns… and three ply rug yarns! All blends are different, and designed for specific use. SO GLAD YOU LOVE THEM!

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