The COLORS are found  in NATURE…..

The Wool is SEACOLOR DYED in  SOLAR VATS with water from GREAT SALT BAY…

All Made Available for YOU to Experience as



The fiber is bred and blended for its soft hand and functional durability.

Each Fleece is handled as though for hand-spinning, shaking out any short bits that might pill, and then commercially spun into a lightweight worsted yarn. Other luxury fibers may be blended to assure the right mix of soft and springy with luster and integrity, and to minimize felting and increase wearability.  

Every year is slightly different, which is why I call it a Yarnery.

My SEACOLORS ™ dye process is a low impact, solar derived heat source for prewash and rinse, setting the dyes, and even driving the hot air for the dying station. Using the greenest dyes of the day, I format the color agents with seawater instead of chemical salts or metals to make the colors fast. This process is greener, lower carbon footprint, has less waste, and is completely recyclable. The discharge is recovered and returned to the soil as an irrigation source for better forage production, and is even more environmentally friendly than natural dyes set with alum or copper.

My sweater designs are simple and sweet, timeless with a twist, some fitted, some draped, to honor any body type, and finished with hand crochet of an accent color or my handspun luxury fibers of silk, alpaca, merino, or blends.

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