Our F.A.Q.

  • We call Seacolors a Yarnery. Like the crafting of wine in a winery, crafting of color depends as much on the weather and the breedstock as it does the artisanal blending of good taste.

    Seacolors raw wool is never “carbonized,” (a sulfuric acid spray treatment, placed in an oven to burn out any carbonaceous material, which leaves an acid residue and gives a “ picky” feeling and makes the wool feel like it’s had a perm).

    Seacolors Wool is washed in soap, not detergent.

    In order to fix a dye (plant or mineral derived) in a protein fiber (wool is a keratin chain made of amino acids) it needs a catalyst of acid, salt and heat to help it “bite” the wool and create a chemical bond.

    Instead of using chemical salts or acids, or petroleum sourced heat, Nanne has developed a system using natural salts and acids, and solar derived heat, that adds neither a chemical itch, nor a boiled wool itch, trading time for temperature, and slowly “ melting” the colors into each other and into the yarns, and featuring colorways that emulate the weather, as soft and easy as the wool itself.

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