The Maine Blanket Real Queens

For a natural, sustainable source of warmth, cozy up with the Maine Blanket, made from 100% wool grown from grass-fed sheep. Woven on antique looms in New England, all blankets are woven in natural colors and accented with Seacolors Stripes from yarn that has been hand dyed in seawater using solar vats.

No chemicals or petroleum products — just seawater and the sun!

Our twill weave blankets are woven on antique power looms at a century-old woolen mill, from fiber that is bred and blended for its soft hand and durability, then commercially spun into a light weight worsted yarn.  Antique power looms and our New England grown wool preserves a tradition of self-reliance that delivers warmth for generations.

The result is a lasting Maine-made keepsake that is as functional as it is beautiful.