Hand Dyed in a solar process at the farm; where colors are laid on, in and around the skeins and gently heated in small vats built with salvaged solar technology. Mineral dyes are fixed in seawater and vinegar instead of chemical salts and acid, which gives the yarns watery colors as soft as the wool itself.  The colors are variegated as we see them in nature.

Sun dyed effects range depending on the weather and Nanne’s mood; residual dye material is captured and reused in a base for the next vat, and so on. As an art form, it is my hope that the colors will speak for themselves, and as an artist you will create the palette that works for you.

Harvest the light and celebrate comfort with peace of mind.  Let the subtle yarn colors come alive as you knit, and notice what can become. Soft Wool with no chemical itch or harsh boil, each dye lot is small, only 2-4 lbs, one of a kind  and as whimsical as our New England weather.

Yarn is offered in 270 yards / 4 oz+ skeins. Buy 5 skeins and the shipping is on us!

Seacolors Yarns
Seacolors Yarns
Seacolors Yarns

Hand dyed in a solar process at the farm. Food grade dyes are fixed in seawater and applied directly in the skeins. The colors are variegated as we see them in nature. Soft Wool with no chemical or processing itch, each dye lot is small, only 2-4 lbs, one of a kind, and as whimsical as our New England weather. Select color below by clicking “Choose an option”.

A lightweight worsted that translates to any worsted pattern.  270 yards in a full 4 oz skein. Blooms into your stitchwork without feeling heavy or bukie.

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