My Commitment to You

Thank you for your interest in Get Wool, Maine Blanket & Seacolors products.

You are supporting a vital system of like minded people who took great care and commitment to produce the woolens you find here.

Every product you purchase comes with our full “Good JuJu Guarantee”.

All of our products are created with mindfulness and thoughtful intent at every step.

You can be sure that what you are purchase is all natural, all local, and all petro-chemical free.

The wool has been grown on sheep bred for their soft, fine wool fleece (not carpet or meat breeds) and intensively grazed on improved pastures in rotation.

Winter feed is an ensiled grass mix, slightly fermented for enzyme activity and ruminant health, even better than what they would eat in the wild.

All the wool is sourced, scoured, spun, knitted or woven within a bioregional 5 hour radius where the wool is blended with my own superfine breeds and the yarns are dyed at my farm.

My SEACOLORS™ dye process is a low impact, solar derived heat source for prewash and rinse, setting the dyes, and even driving the hot air for the dying station.

Using the greenest dyes of the day, I format the color agents with seawater instead of chemical salts or metals to make the colors fast.

This process is greener, lower carbon footprint, has less waste, and is completely recyclable.

The discharge is recovered and returned to the soil as an irrigation source for better forage production, and is even more environmentally friendly than natural dyes set with alum or copper.

The blankets are woven on antique looms that have been producing some of the same patterns for almost two centuries.

The sweaters are knit and crochet finished by local Maine handworkers, at home, in communities or situations with few job options.

I can confidently say that everything has been created by people who love what they do and care about how they do it.

Each of these items is a gift – from the land and the sea, and the creators producing it, for you to enjoy for a very long time.

Smile, & know that you have supported the land, the farmers, the knitters, the artists and a whole community, and now you are a critical part of that whole.

Thank You,

~ Nanne Kennedy