Help stop sprawl, and own your own piece of THIS farm for as many weeks as you think you might like to get away with.

I will be selling a piece of the deed and offering 12 weeks of the year, as single weeks or consecutive, for you to own forever more.

Sustainable living systems are an integral part of this farm experience in the “green” apartment in the upstairs of the multi-use barn. Warm and sunny, comfy and cozy, choose your week on an annual basis so you can come for your season of choice:

• Lambing

• Gardening

• Sledding

• Apple picking

Dog training ring and arena and kennel on site so you can bring your border collie to train or work.

Woodfired sauna, horses to ride, and lots of walks in the woods.

Half hour or less to the coast or the capital, for museums and even a ski area, lots of lakes, and no poisonous snakes.

Own a piece of the deed, like a private stock certificate, so when you want to sell it, you get your money back less 5% transfer fee.  Your “dividend” is a free week on site, 20% off sale of wool products, and piece of mind that you are helping to create a successful model that helps preserve sustainable agriculture.

Perhaps you will even find new ideas for how to live your daily life, a little differently or closer to earth systems.



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