Meadowcroft Farm


At the top of the Damariscotta watershed there is a valley where grassfed sheep grow thick, soft apparel wool and lovely, fat lambs.


Nanne Kennedy is a Guild Artist focusing on spinning and color work.

Nanne - Guilded Artist

As a Guild Artist, Nanne integrates her superfine wool with color and details that emulate moments in nature. A hand-spinner for 30 years, every fleece is handled with care and used for its specific purpose, as not all wool is created equally. Her sheep are bred for extreme softness and wouldn’t itch even if they wanted to. She adds other local fibers to blend for purpose and performance.

FAQ _ Super Fine Wool

Seacolors yarns, sweaters and blankets are soft, one of a kind, built to last, and low impact in every step. All production and processing are bio-regional.


Nanne is also a sustainable farmer committed to creating viable agricultural models that support both economics and ecologies.

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A grass farmer who raises 100ish fine wool sheep, she innovated a solar dye system using seawater vats, eliminating chemical salts and acids, and complementing the soft wool breeds. Nanne and her faithful border collies can be found most of the time stuck at home and happy as a lark.

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You can see photos of the farm and read more of the story of Seacolors in the book Shear Spirit, by Joan Tapper and Gail Zucker, beautifully produced by Ravenmark, and published by Potter Craft.

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